Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman

This is interesting.

Dr. Harman talks about the gender stereotypes that play into fueling parental alienation and also was that it can be minimized. While I agree wholeheartedly that clearer laws and addressing the stereotypes (I am optimistic) will produce better outcomes in the future, I heard several things she said that can help now. Including: getting a qualified custody evaluator involved.

Read up on what Dr. Childress offers as very definable skills a competent mental health professional should possess so you don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t understand the dynamic. No lie, they are expensive. But as my current train-wreck of a financial situation can attest,  I had to decide what was most important. If I simply really could not afford one, getting around other people in a community that counteract the negative information one parent gives can help as well. My church has been beyond helpful in this regard. (I recommend this regardless if there is mental health professional involved or not).