Part 2 (Through June 5, 2016)

I share this in hopes that it lets you know you aren’t alone, and to underscore the need for this sort of appalling behavior to be stopped in it’s tracks. There are resources here which can help break out of the mess this whole topic has been drawn into and actually make a difference.

To continue…

As of May 31,  2016 I have  been falsely accused twice of child sexual abuse, accused of mental instability and providing an “injurious environment”. Three separate psychologists and a child protection services investigator have disproved ALL of these allegations.

In February of 2015, after the first accusation, my daughter’s mother abducted our 6-year-old and would not divulge her whereabouts. I filed an emergency motion out of concern that her mother might flee the country. I was not given custody but my daughter’s passport was surrendered to her lawyer. My ex wife would not agree to return with my daughter and return her to school until I agreed to a time- sharing schedule that has resulted in my daughter seeing me, five percent of the time with no overnight stays. Every time we get close to a court hearing date or an evaluation starts, there is another allegation to refute. I have, to date, spent over $26,000 in  attorney and professional evaluation fees for the sole purpose of disproving negatives. I am continuing my case pro se because I have no more money. My ex, on the other hand, has very deep pockets, an expensive prominent downtown Raleigh lawyer and shows no signs of letting up.

Currently, the presiding judge has now ordered a 4th psychologist evaluate for abuse again. My 7 year old is now being subjected to a psychosexual evaluation. On May 31st, the psychologist informed me that during the first part of the evaluation my daughter reported feeling suicidal.