Part 3 (Through July 5, 2016)

Again, this is to underscore that if this is the situation you are in it will not get better on it’s own. Your ex will not “see the light” because if you are a normal range parent and they are capable of what they have been doing so far, you are gravely mistaken if you think they will suddenly somehow change their behavior. It will not get better if you don’t get good education and be very intentional about what you are communicating to the courts and mental health professionals and how you communicate it. And it will not get better if you hanging in communities that lash out, say it’s too complicated to deal with, and spend their time trading horror stories.  Learn about what Dr. Childress is taking about here and get involved!

Here is where things stand as of July 5, 2016:

On June 13, my ex-wife’s lawyer filed an ex parte motion to remove me completely from our child’s life citing another series of false allegations. Fortunately, the judge, finding it to have no merit, denied their motion. See my post about it for more detail.

On July 1, she filed another yet another false allegation with CPS resulting in her finally getting what she wanted—complete and total disruption of any visitation our daughter had with her father. Even though the judge found these accusations to have no merit, he cannot do anything about an open CPS investigation. This is something I suspect her lawyer helped her figure out. Either that, her lawyer has lost control of her client. Either way it’s a really bad situation.

So—now we await on the report from this latest psychologist, and the latest CPS investigation while our child is now with my ex-wife not 95% percent but now100% of the time. All the while my daughter continues to be subjected to an ongoing barrage of negativity from her mother.

The goal is clear… just as it has been since 6 months after our separation when the accusations suddenly started. She is doing everything possible to make our child hate the father she has loved all her life.