by Michael Allen

If you think that one person can’t make a difference…think again. As with any major change, it starts with a person like you.

This is the face that sparked a movement. This little boy….taken from his home in Arizona to Montana and a false restraining order filed against the targeted parent.

The targeted parent stood in front of the courthouse wondering how to effect change.

The targeted parent started a local support group meeting to help others and learn what had worked for others and what hadn’t.

This little boy’s left behind parent fought a brutal 10 month interstate battle that ultimately resulted in his being ordered back to his home state with 50/50 custody and targeted parent ordered full LDMA due to the actions of the alienating parent. The alienating parent eventually moved back to the home state and slowly began to learn how to share custody through a hard and bumpy road.

The formerly targeted parent always took the high road and remained of a mindset that failure was not an option.

Today PASO (Parental Alienation Success Group) has grown beyond an idea…it currently spans 12 states and is growing globally.

In Arizona there are weekly support group meetings twice a week and the idea continues to spread.

It all started with the love for this little boy. If you think that one person can’t make a difference…think again. It starts with you.

This little boy now enjoys the love of both parents.

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