Questions to Ask Lawyers and Therapists

Finding The Right Parental Alienation Help: Attorneys and Therapists

For targeted parents, the search for the right parental alienation help whether it be lawyer or therapist or both who can expertly grapple with your situation no easy feat. Many professionals claim they have what it takes to take on such disputes – yet when push comes to shove, few properly rise to the challenge and deliver results that are best for your children and you.

Rather than taking anyone’s word as gospel, finding the competent parental alienation help involves mindful of your questions. This can be your ultimate key in finding competent help that’s qualified enough (and proven) to tackle this unique situation head-on!

Lawyer Questions:
1. What is your experience in dealing with parental alienation cases?
2. Have you represented clients in cases involving parental alienation before?
3. What were the outcomes?
4. Can you share a successful outcome? (Of course, keeping client confidentiality)
5. What strategy or strategies do you use to ensure that the child’s best interests remain a priority?
6. How do you collaborate with mental health professionals for this kind of situation?

Therapist Questions:
1. How long have you been helping children and families with this issue?
2. What approach/strategies do you use?
3. How have situations that demanded your expertise ended up?
4. What is your approach to dealing with parental alienation?
5. Can you share a successful outcome of a case in which where you worked with a child affected by parental alienation?
6. How do you work with attorneys, court-appointed professionals, and/or Guardian ad Litems to ensure the best outcome for the child?

Parental alienation is a stressful and complicated situation. Finding the right parental alienation help including a lawyer and/or therapist is key for success. Making the right decisions now will have lasting impacts on your child’s and your future well being – your questions really do matter.


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