Dr. Jean Mercer

As with any stand, there will be detractors. Some are good, as they help make sure the stance is sound, others simply detract because they are in fear of  terrified of change, or even think they are helping. In this case, Dr. Childress refers to many of the latter as “Flying Monkeys”. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “flying monkey” is an ally of pathogenic behavior who seeks to inflict additional suffering on the victim of that behavior.

Of these are often unwitting and ignorant individuals some may actually believe they are “helping” but in fact doing more harm.  I am unsure of where Dr. Mercer is in regards to this definition, but for now I will assume she is someone of a differing opinion who as of this writing, doesn’t appear to be willing to accept new information on this topic.

Dr. Mercer asked Dr. Childress some questions to which he gave a very detailed answer. After the answer it appeared to me as though she took none of it in and tried to ask another question to which there would be no answer that would have been properly answerable. During the course of the back and forth, I saw some people get angry. I don’t think though, as difficult as it is, it helps to get angry here. We need to change the paradigm so all the children that are being subjected to child psychological abuse right now by narcissistic/borderline parents can be helped.
Here is my response to what I can only describe as Jean’s non-response to Dr. Childress:

What I observe is that Dr. Mercer seems to be caught in a belief system that will not accept new information. I don’t think she’s being a Troll, I think more like a radio that’s fixed on one station and can’t pick up what’s coming in from another one. I read the entirety of Dr. Childress’ response and observed this:

She wants a simplistic answer to what is not a simple question. He answered it in great detail the question about ascertaining if the rejected parent might actually be exhibiting behaviors yet she did not seem to acknowledge it in her response other than with the question “which percentage”?
I am unsure what an answer to that question would accomplish. What’s an acceptable answer to Dr. Mercer? I think she is trying to determine…

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