Beyond Parental Alienation Services

At long last, I have finally reached a real turning point on the road to recovering my child. (Or more accurately, she has two parents again.) I started out in 2014 as someone who tried to work on a very broken marriage, realizing there was no interest from my partner in addressing anything, leaving and then walking into a nightmare far worse than anything I could have imagined. The woman I had a child with turned on me, accused me of the most horrific things a parent could be accused of, twisted things around so they painted a picture of me that was so distorted as to be unrecognizable. And yet to my horror—the court, the legal system and even those tasked with the mental health of all involved seemed by and large to be buying it or in some sense do something even worse: allowing it to happen regardless of what they thought.

Your Children Deserve Nothing Less Than Both Parents

This blog talks about the journey, what I learned, the choices I had to make in order to make sure my child had the best chance of keeping two parents, or become another in a long line of children who became damaged and passed their hurt onto another generation, and where things are now.

I have been told by people  in the system who have seen the very unlikely result I have gotten a result many of us are working tremendously hard on changing that I possess a unique skill set to offer people in similar situations. My self knowledge, knowledge of that needs to happen in the legal system and in what order to turn things around can make all the difference to those who think there is no hope left.

As I begin working with parents in similar situations, I recognize how universal some of the mistakes they make, mistakes their well meaning but uninformed layers make and the lack of knowing what to is for the moment all too common. Some people I know have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and still have lost their children.

I Can Help Be Part of Your Team

As a paralegal, I can talk to your attorney, or you directly if you are self represented and give direction as to what is important and relevant vs what isn’t. As a parent, I can help you make sure you prioritize what is important and relevant vs what isn’t. It makes more difference that you may realize. I can help with organizing strategy to helping prepare timelines as well as offer personal “I’ve been there, you’re not alone” support as well as my experiences with lifestyle changes and supplements that can promote calm in situations that previously may have rattled you and given your ex the ammunition to do more damage.

I do 30 minute consultations at no charge and then charge a rate of $75/hour for most things—organizing documents, sharing my experience to give you useful perspective and help in guiding you with your own plan of action  to share with your attorney and/or therapist*.

This rate helps make sure it’s viable for me, and more affordable to many parents who have been paying much more to therapists and lawyers with disappointing results.

Please feel free to contact me directly, so we can go over your situation.

*I am not an attorney and as such cannot give legal advice. I can share what has worked for me and help you think about and help you organize your information in an way that can make it easier for you to formulate your own plans of action with your legal and therapeutic team.