Judicial Discretion in High Conflict Cases

After more than two years in the making, I am thrilled to announce a milestone: The Judicial Discretion in High Conflict Cases or as I’ve been calling it the Plan “P” or procedural change bill is now here in draft form.

For full background on it, please see the original post on this for the idea, reasoning, pros, and expected arguments against. Now comes the push to get legislators to know it’s here and that there is support for it. I have been advised to announce it, make sure groups that this would matter know about it, those in my state (NC) actually call and / write their legislators and tell them they support it. I have gotten many messages, even more recently with more heartbreaking stories and a desire to get involved.

So, in this case,  if you are in NC please contact your legislator about this. I will be posting a template message to use but feel free to call and write in the meantime. Write in the comments below when you’ve done it so we can build momentum.

This is a big milestone, but it’s rather like getting to the summit of a mountain hike and realizing there is another mountain to go. Your help is needed!

Everyone interested, please download. Share. Get something going in your state. Get the conversation going. Take the energy you’ve got about knowing you can do more and do it! 🙂

Thanks again especially at this point to (I’m sure it won’t be the last time) to Suz Remus for the inspiration and demonstrating it could be done, Dr. Craig Childress, and Mark Redman for the writing of the original idea language.

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